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​We mainly specialize in the custom production of gearboxes according to customer requirements. We offer an individual, tailor-made solution that fully meets your needs and brings you an innovative, efficient and reliable product. We will supply you with a highly efficient and flexible drive solution that will meet all your specific requirements. Our robust industrial gearboxes are designed for extreme operating conditions with minimum maintenance requirements and maximum life expectancy. We can also offer gearboxes for end-of-life drives replacement projects. Our specialty is designing new industrial gearboxes with higher performance parameters while maintaining the original installation and connection dimensions. We deliver gearboxes according to our own production documentation or also according to the customer's documentation.

We always strive to create optimal customer solutions for machines and equipment. From project to commissioning - everything from one source.

Standard procedure for the design and construction of new gearboxes:
  • technical consultation with the customer

  • preliminary calculation 

  • optimized technical solution design (in accordance with international standards - DIN, AGMA, ISO)

  • dimensional and strength calculations of gearboxes according to ČSN, DIN, ISO, AGMA standards

  • analysis of individual parts using FEM/FEM (Finite Element Method)

  • development of complete production documentation (2D, 3D)

  • ensuring production

  • development of technical and delivery regulations

  • technical service

In the production program SG , there are the following main types of gearboxes:
  • slow speed front gears

  • high-speed front gearboxes

  • bevel gears

  • bevel gears

  • worm gearboxes with a cylindrical worm

  • worm gearboxes with globoid worm

  • bevel gears

  • bevel gearboxes

  • worm gearboxes

  • planetary gears

  • branch gearboxes

  • combined gearboxes

  • other special gearboxes

Examples of work:
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