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SETRA GEAR as supplies spare parts for gearboxes of various types from many manufacturers.  They can be produced according to own documentation, customer documentation or documentation made according to the original part. In this case, the company processes production drawing documentation based on its own measurements, tests and calculations. Measurements can be made directly at the customer's site or in our production facility.

This is mainly the production and supply of gears, pinions and rings:

Front gear: 

  • gears with straight teeth 

  • gears with bevel teeth

  • gears with doubly (double) bevel teeth

  • gears with arrow teeth

Bevel gears: 

  • gears with straight teeth

  • gears with bevel teeth

  • gears with arrow-shaped teeth

  • hypoid gears

  • ring gear Gleason

  • ring gear Gleason-Zerol

  • gears with Klingelnberg paloid gearing

  • gears with Klingelnberg cyclopalloid gearing

  • gears with Oerlikon-Spiromatic eloid gears

Worm gear: 

  • single-speed and multi-speed cylindrical gears of type ZA, ZN, ZI

  • mixed gears: cylindrical worm, globoid wheel

  • gears globoid

  • cavex gears

  • gear cmd special

In addition to gear parts, it is also possible to supply other machine parts from the field of drives, such as shafts, welded gear box bodies, welded wheels, rolling and sliding bearings, bearing housings, steel frames, support rings, support rollers, lids, bushings, rings, clutches and more.

Examples of work:
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