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Ferry Capitain, other Company of the group CIF, designs and manufactures girth gear. Our expertise has afforded us a place amongst the world leaders in the cement industry and other heavy industries. CMD, with the cooperation of Ferry Caqpitain, offers a turnkey service including analysis of your installation, calculation and definition of products, manufacturing, testing, assembly on site and after sales and maintenance assistance. All of the above are subject to scrutiny in terms of an internal quality assurance plan.

In 1831, a royal ordinance granted Auguste Capitain the right to establish an iron-ore crushing operation, consisting of a mill driven by a hydraulic wheel, along the banks of the Marne River in Bussy, near Joinville, in the heart of the Haute-Marne region of France.  In 1835, after the construction of a blast furnace, daily production of cast iron reached 1,500 kg.

In 1901, the foundry equipped itself with a four-tonne open-hearth furnace enabling the manufacture of cast steel components.

Throughout the last century, major investments were made to reinforce and increase the machining capacity of the mechanical workshop, through to the 1980s, when the installation of a gear cutting machine with 12-meter diameter capacity signaled the arrival of Ferry-Capitain on the large open gearing market.

FERRY-CAPITAIN is the leading supplier of grinding mill components to the mining industry for several decades now. With trends to larger mills and a desire for gear driven solutions, the holding Groupe CIF invested heavily to strengthen FERRY-CAPITAIN´s position in the forefront of manufacturing technology for cast and machined components

FERRY CAPITAIN equates to 30 years of excellence in gear design, manufacturing and installation for heavy industry.

FERRY CAPITAIN mainly produces straight, helical and double-helical tooth gears.

Every year, FERRY CAPITAIN delivers approximately 150 pairs of large gears for a wide range of applications.

FERRY CAPITAIN designs gears according to the main international standards, ISO, AGMA and DIN.

FERRY CAPITAIN is a member of the AGMA and ARTEMA and participates in the development of AGMA and ISO design standards.
The drawings are produced directly in 3D in TOPSOLID.

Girth gears: Designing and producing girth gear and large pinions
1. Analysis
2. Calculation / Development
3. Production and on site assembly
4. Capacities

1. Analysis

CMD has a team of trained technicians who can carry out an analysis of your installation based on visual inspections, taking prints, measuring tooth temperatures, and vibration analysis.
CMD can also ensure that spare parts are interchangeable by doing a series of dimensional surveys on the original gear units.

2. Calculation / Development

With our own Engineering Departments and Finite Elements Modelisation software , CMD and Ferry Capitain are able to calculate and size up all gears based on our experience and in accordance with current worldwide standards (AGMA-ISO-DIN).

3. Production and on site assembly

Modern equipment and casting techniques provide cast steel of the best possible quality. Machining and cutting methods ensure that parts are manufactured to the standards of quality required .
CMD technicians from the After Sales Service and Maintenance Department can help you in supervising the assembly and commissioning of your installations.

4. Capacities

Heat treatment : 12 m x 6 m x 3,5 m Ø 9 m
Turning : 16 m
Boring : 16 m x 3,5 m
Cutting : 16 m – module 60 mm

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